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VK4WIP Squid Pole

Club Projects > 7 Meter Squid Pole

The VK4WIP Squid Pole

How to prepare a Squid Pole for portable antenna use

Design by Des VK4LOT
(click on the pictures to enlarge)
This Squid Pole only takes a few minutes to erect via the ropes and pegs, it also has the added advantage that it can be mounted in a standard jockey wheel fitting, a real boon for the Grey Nomads in the Amateur ranks.
The attachment point at the top allows for all sorts of lightweight items to be secured, as the capacity hat in the picture shows.
This Squid Pole will be the basis of a number of portable antenna's and accessories, in coming projects.

Parts List

1 x 7 Meter Squid Pole.    1 X Rubber Door Stop Bumper
1115mm & 30mm of 50mm O.D. Communications Pipe.
30mm of 43mm O.D. Pipe.
1 X 50mm O.D. Communications Pipe joiner.
1 X 32mm Waste Water Pipe end cap.
1 X set of 4 Tent Pegs.     1 X set of 4 Tent Ropes.
1 X 50mm 3/16" Stainless Screw, Washer, Nut & Wing Nut.


Wrap a sheet of paper around the pipe and line up the edge of the paper on the measurement mark and draw a line around the pipe. Cut partly into the pipe all around the diameter, then all the way through. This way gives nice straight cuts. Glue the 43mm piece into one end with plastic pipe glue, allow time for it to dry, then push the other end onto the Squid Pole.

The top of the largest section of the Squid pole should now be level and snug with the top of the pipe, see the picture with the screw installed to see what I mean.
Do not glue the 50mm joiner and the bottom of the pipe just push the two pieces firmly together making sure the top part of the pipe is not disturbed. The bottom of the Squid Pole should be level with the lip inside the joiner.

Place the door stopper inside the end cap then lightly push inside the joiner and measure the distance from the end of the joiner to the start of the bevelled edge of the end cap, it should be about 20mm. Pull apart the door stopper and cut off the measurement you obtained from the bottom of the rubber. Reassemble the door stopper and apply pipe glue to the plastic  bottom and glue inside the end cap. Apply pipe glue to the 50mm joiner and the 32mm end cap and join.

Remove the rubber knob from the end of the Squid Pole and replace it with a rubber grommet or similar, I used a 240v cord strain relief. Grind the edge of the head of the screw until it is rather loose inside the end of the Pole. Place a washer on the screw then the nut leaving 18mm clear thread. Apply 5 minute epoxy inside the pole end and the screw, push in and allow to set. Cut the 30mm piece of pipe and cut a slot in it lengthwise.   

Stretch the 30mm piece to fit over the pole and glue it on the pole 100mm down from the top. Cut the ropes 180cm from the top of the loop on the plastic grip, burn the ends on each of the 3 strands . Wrap electrical tape around the ropes at 160cm and undo the strands up to the tape. Splice a 5cm eye into the rope (click on the pic for instructions) do 6 tucks. Attach the ropes using 2 cable ties.

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