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Club Projects > 7 Meter Squid Pole

The Counterpoise (Grounding System)

A novel ground for a portable Squid Pole

Design by Des VK4LOT & Graham VK4GRA
(click on the pictures to enlarge)
Simply put, this system works on the principle that a high capacitance to real ground at radio frequencies will provide a low resistance grounding point. Of course bigger is better, however for portable use, other considerations come into play such as clear space and the counterpoise must be held down either by tent pegs or rocks etc. The ideal size would be a 7 meter length of material cut down the centre then each piece cut diagonally like a long pendant with each piece 600mm at antenna end and 75mm at the far end.  

Parts List
Length of heavy duty roof insulation normally sold in widths of 1350mm.
Quantity of 10/12mm tarp grommets to suit.
2 Meters 10mm x 3mm Aluminum flat.
4mm Screws, Nuts, Spring Washers.
1 x 4mm Wing Nut.

The counterpoises I use are 2.5 Meters long by 375mm wide (the roll was 1500mm wide) I put grommets 200mm from the antenna end and 40mm from the far end. Very short thick wire is used to connect each counterpoise to the antenna ground connection.

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