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Base Unit

Club Projects > 7 Meter Squid Pole

Squid Pole Base Connector Unit

Allows for tidy and secure connections

Designed by Des VK4LOT
This base unit is detachable as well as ajustable in height and position. It provides for short and secure ground connections and a proper RF antenna connection. There is ample space inside the tee for a T-130 torroid or a small matching network.

Parts List

1 x 20mm Tripac Inspection Tee $1.50 - Masters
2 x 25mm Tripac Conduit Clips 22c each - Masters
2 x 20mm Tripac End Plugs 22c each - Masters
1 x Delta 20mm End Plug 20c pair - Bunnings
2 x BNC Panel Sockets - eBay
1 x BNC Video A/V Plug - eBay
4mm & 5mm Hardware & 5mm Wing Nut.

Drill a 5mm hole 15mm in from the end of box section of the tee, then drill a 9mm hole 15mm in from the other end. Fit a BNC socket into the 9mm hole. Use a solder lug under the head of the 5mm screw and fit. Drill a 9mm hole in the dead centre of the Delta plug then fit a BNC socket, file off some plastic to make the plug fit snugly into the tee then cement it in. Cement in the Tripac plugs. Wire up the ground and antenna connections.

Cut a 30mm piece of 50mm conduit then cut a slit in it. Mark a line 17mm each side of the slit then with a heat gun aim at the line and when pliable bend as shown. To touch up shape, clip the piece onto some conduit and lighty heat. Drill 4mm holes 4mm from  the ends to attach the clips with 4mm hardware, you may have to apply 2 packing washers under the clips. Use a file to bevel the inner edge of the clips to make it easier to clip on and remove the tee box.

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