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Anti Collapse

Club Projects > 7 Meter Squid Pole

Squid Pole Anti Collapse

A reliable and reusable way to prevent the Squid Pole from collapsing into itself

Parts List

1 x 3.6 Meter Tripac Floor Pull Throu available at Masters Electrical Department about $3.50.
1 x Box 87mm x 6mm Size No. 64 Rubber Bands available from most Newsagents about $1.00 or some $2 shops sell a large packet of same size slighty softer Rubber Bands for $2.

Cut 10 50mm lengths of plastic and drill a 5mm hole 10mm from one end. Use a wire to assist in pulling a loop through the hole and attach the rubber band.
Wind the rubber band around the pole just above the joint and then loop back to the plastic as shown in the picture.

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