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Club Projects > 7 Meter Squid Pole

10 20 40 Meter Antenna

A low loss antenna for the portable Squid Pole


Design by Des VK4LOT
(click on the pictures to enlarge)
The reason why we use a 7 Meter Squid Pole is because it is easy to add a lightweight capacity hat and any longer than 7 Meters would rule out low angle 10 Meters.  
This antenna can be configured as a three quarter wave 10 Meters, a quarter wave 20 Meters or a loaded quarter wave 40 Meters antenna.
I have plans for base loading the 40 Meters configuration to include 80 Meters and possibly finding some configuration for 15 Meters.   


Parts List
8 Meters x 25 Amp Marine Power Cable (Jaycar)
100mm x 43mm O.D. Plastic Pipe (Masters)
1.25mm Enamel Coated Wire (Jaycar)
2 x 5mm Stainless Hardware & Wing Nuts
Various 5mm Solder or Crimp Lugs
2 x Small Cable Ties  
3 Meters x 10mm OD Aluminum Tube



Use 100mm of the 43mm OD tube and draw a line across the tube and drill a 5mm hole 15mm from each end, drill 2.5mm holes at 5mm spacing between the 5mm holes.
A quarter way around the tube drill 8mm holes 15mm from each end for the antenna wire.
Wind on 11 turns of 1.25 ECW (you may need to remove a turn or two later when tuning).


There is a larger capacity hat that tunes 40 Meters and a smaller one that tunes 10 Meters.
I used old elements from a TV antenna, and I only used three in each hat. If you use 10mm tube    


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